My first ever cover for DC comics (circa 2007) - featuring the Teen Titans!

Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, Spain | Vasili Zhurman
idk what version you have. in cc zoom tool is fourth from the bottom on the far right toolbar. also try right clicking on the image and picking zoom in/out from the menu but thats tedious af and not as precise

ahhh okay I got cs6. I figured it out but I for real don’t understand half of the stuff on the left and right. so yeah I guess for now I’m gonna wing it. [and deff read more tuts] thanks tho broski

practice makes perfect

I’m gonna punch a wall because I don’t know how to zoom in and these tuts are shit yo

i don’t understand how photoshop works like jfc I don’t know how to do this shit.

can I really have these?
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